Look at me I’m a big girl now…


I’m gonna start this blog with an intro and get it over and done with, because I don’t like the first post of any blog, they feel too awkward.

My name is Kim and I’m about to start living with my boyfriend in about 3 weeks. We got a cute little flat and I’m so excited.

I study Graphic Design, which is awesome.

I love:

Beyonce, Haim, No Doubt, Philippa Gregory books, All Saints clothing, River Island, pizza, Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Rauschenberg, discovering art, cooking, dancing, Rekorderlig, napping.

I hate:

Spencer Matthews, slow internet, studded bras (how do you even wear them? why would you even wear them?) rude people, the ‘thigh gap’ nonsense, Damien Hirst, stupid drivers.

Here’s some cool links incase you’re bored :)

Anatomical Ceramic Sculptures by Maria Garcia-Ibanez


Red Eye by Kid Cudi feat. Haim


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